Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Confinement...almost there baby!

Fuuuhhh..fuhhhh..(tiup habuk dkt blog eden..) Wahhh..sekian lama baru nak update! Confinement!!! ....and i still have 3 days to go. Three, people! i cant wait. Tapi cerita pasal confinement..dah akhir2 ni sering je culas.. The temptations are at their highest peak. confinement actually wasn't that strict.. Here's my schedule! Morning : wake up depends on what time i slept that night. The first two weeks were like hell. So wake up a but late. Mak mandikan rania (after mak balik maid yg mandikan..eden tak berani jahh). Then, breakfast i take cornflakes, roti bakar, biscuit yaakob's..i mean jacob's, or oat with fresh milk. Take my daily shaklee supplement then nurse rania. Tgk tv, main game, blogwalking, shopping online, berangan, main dgn raiqa.also massage for the first two weeks.. Afternoon : i take lunch at 1, coz dah bangun lambat, and bfast pun lambat. Menu berpantang sonang yo..samada sup ayam, ayam halia, ikan gelama pindang,daging black pepper, sup su'un dgn lobak putih. Menu wajib..sayur sawi rebus. Now only i start taking eggs, shell fish and other normal food. Evening : i repeat those non-profitable activities as mentioned above. My tea time is at 4.30. I take hot drinks with biscuits. Dinner at 8.30 and those activities repeat. Sleep (try to sleep) at 11. Its pretty much a very simple confinement regime! Oh i dont follow all those pantang larang in daily menu.i eat healthily and that's more important. But i avoid all benda sejuk and gatal2 in the first few weeks. Air minum bergelen coz i fully breastfeed. So, all those 2 ruas jari air nonsene i put aside. Hehe.. So, kalau lbt kurus jgn nak salahkan org lain!


  1. Eh camno aku nak follow blog korang eh? Ya ampun, harap bersabo soklan tak berapa nak pandai tu ek..

    1. seang je beb ko g kat blog kiteorg n klik kat follower then masukkan la email ko....